The devil must be removed from students to end schools unrest - KUPPET

Kuppet chairman Omboko Milemba with Secretary General Akelo Misori during a past press conference.
Kenya Union of Post-Primary Educational Teachers (Kuppet) Secretary General Akelo Misori has stirred debate over suggestion for exorcism to be applied to stem cases of students’ unrest.

Speaking at St Thomas Mintililwet Secondary School in Soin/Sigowet constituency, the Kuppet Secretary General said besides criminal charges being preferred over students who destroy school property, they must be taken through exorcism. 

“I am seriously perturbed by the state of unrest in schools. Students who burn schools bear a curse,” he said. 

Misori, pointed out that he comes from a community whereby if someone burns a house, the individual is equivalent to a murderer and the “devil must be removed” through exorcism. 

“It is not just a matter of jailing the criminal students. They must be taken through the process of removing the devil in them,” he said. 

Misori, added that the action was necessary since the threat of writing unsavory comments on the student’s character in their school leaving certificates was not enough. 

“Teachers nonetheless have a responsibility to the students to mould them not to be criminals,” he said.

The Kuppet boss at the same time criticised Basic Education Principal Secretary Bellio Kipsang’s proposals for all primary and secondary school students to wear same uniform. 

“The talk of uniform is not relevant because the world over people are running away from uniform. In fact students should go to school in their casual clothes and learning will take place. Uniform add cost of education which is unnecessary,” he said.

Misori, argued further that the proposal was calculated to make profits from schools. 

“It is a similar scheme to the textbook business with schools. It is not relevant for us to talk about the color of uniforms when schools don’t have enough teachers,” he said. 

Julius Mibei, the Kericho Kuppet branch secretary called for delocalisation of students and other teachers before Teachers Service Commission (TSC) can embark on transfer of school heads. 

“The Teachers Service Commission has embarked in the delocalisation of school heads but the ministry of education has not delocalised the students and other teachers. This has left delocalised teachers feeling misplaced,” he said.

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