Woman detained for selling bhang to pupils

An elderly woman has been detained at Kakamega Main Prison after she pleaded guilty to selling bhang to primary school pupils.

Beatrice Meja was found in possession of 12 rolls of the illegal drug on June 25 at Ingotse Village, Navakholo sub-county.

This is after three students from Sirigoi Primary School led their headmaster and the area chief, Wycliffe Kombo to the accused person’s house.

According to the prosecution, the head teacher noticed the minors were under the influence of drugs after which he inquired to establish the truth.

True to his speculations, the three pupils conceded that indeed they were addicted to abusing bhang.

Upon inquiry of where they the substance from, the minors revealed that Ms Meja was the supplier prompting the chief, the teacher and the police launch a hunt for the woman.

Meja who was carried by officers to court since she is physically handicapped pleaded with the Resident Magistrate Josephine Maragia to show leniency on her saying she

“I am elderly and poor woman without any source of income. I am sorry for these actions, I now know that this was an illegal business and I won’t engage myself in it again,” said the woman.

The magistrate ordered her to be detained at the prison awaiting a probation report on July 16 to ascertain if she is fit to serve a non-custodial sentence.

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