Man, 63 entices 5-year-old girl with sweets before defiling her

The 5-year-old has been missing from home since Saturday. [Courtesy]
Police in Kakamega have arrested a 63-year-old man for defiling a five-year-old girl.

The man is alleged to have kidnapped the minor for two days by enticing her with sweets and shortcakes before defiling her.

The girl's grandmother said she learned about the incident on Monday and took her to hospital where doctors confirmed that she had been defiled.

"I was shocked when my grandchild told me she had been defiled by my neighbour who recently purchased land at this place,” she said.

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The victim who schools at Shipalo primary school went missing on Saturday and was found on Monday evening.

The girl had been left in the company of her grandmother. The granny realized she was missing when she came back home that evening from her errands.

“I immediately launched search of my granddaughter. We looked for her in neighbouring homesteads, maize plantation but she was nowhere to be found. I reported the matter to Shisasali police post,” she said.

She added "On Monday, I received a call that the child was at Khayega market with a 60 year old man. I  left and informed the police who arrested him.” The grandmother interrogated the five year old who confided in her that she was defiled.

She added: "The girl narrated to me how the man lured her, 'the man asked me to accompany him to the shop  and promised to give me sweets and shortcakes. He took me to a maize plantation where he defiled me before taking me to a nearby homestead and asked the women to help me take shower and give me clothes to change'.” 

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Area assistant chief, Gerald Murunga said the suspect had just bought land but resides in Tiriki. Medical report at Iguhu health centre shows the girl was defiled.

“Defilement is unlawful and the suspect risk being jailed. The man tried to penetrate and we treat such as defilement,” he said.

He warned residents who like taking bribes to conceal evidence their days are numbered.

“If a child is defilement she or he should be taken to hospital immediately, report to the police and suspect arraigned in court. Those who like solving the matter outside the court and taking handouts risk being arrested,” said Mr Murunga.

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