Chaos erupts as county assembly begins vetting nominees for city board

Chaos briefly erupted as Members of the County Assembly began vetting the governor’s list of nominees for the County City Board.

Nyalenda B MCA Joseph Olale, and a youth, had to be rescued from a mob that was unhappy with their questions to one of the nominees, Ken Obware.

Speaker Onyango Oloo, who led the vetting exercise, had asked if there was any member of the public who had any matters to raise about Mr Obware.

When the youth was given a chance to speak, he sought to know what the nominee knew about a controversy over the alleged illegal transfer of land belonging to Victoria Primary school.

“Mr Speaker, we need to be told who bought the school land and how the money was used,” said the youth.

But his question was not welcome by a section of the audience, who shouted him down.

Olale also raised the same issue, and urged his colleagues who were vetting Obware to consider the matters raised by the public.

Mr Oloo, however, cautioned the two men against making accusations without tabling any evidence.

“We are not investigating the Victoria Primary School saga. We are trying to establish the suitability of the nominee, but we have to base them on facts and not rumors,” said Oloo.

But immediately the session was over, youths confronted the two, some threatening to beat them up.

Olale took to his heels while the Speaker ordered his aides to whisk the youth away.

Among the nominees who were vetted were John Ombija and Elijah Adul.

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