DPP visits Solai on fact finding mission

Cracks at Patel Dam at Solai in Subukia on May 11, 2018. [Kipsang Joseph/Standard]
The Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji visited Solai yesterday.

Mr Haji toured two dams to assess their conditions. In a Press briefing yesterday, Haji said he wanted to establish "how far investigations have gone”.

He said an unspecified number of people had recorded statements and many more would follow suit.

He said once the investigation is complete, they would prosecute those found culpable. Haji said he had come with a team from his office to coordinate with police in the probe.

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He said results of the investigations would be out in 14 days and be made public. 

The DPP expressed concern on the blockage of a river.

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