Tourism business bare the brunt of countrywide persistent rains

An overturned tourist Land Rover. [Photo/Courtesy]
As different parts of the country continue to experience persistent rainfall, some investors have expressed their concerns at the aftermaths of the downpour which seems to be far from subsiding.

One of such investors is Ugandan born businessman Rajni Tailor, who took to social media to decry the damages caused by the rains.

Tailor shared a one-minute long clip on May 6 Sunday depicting the degree with which the rains have crippled businesses in the coastal regions, especially along Galana River.

It shows waves of flood water moving with force carrying everything in its way, sweeping to destruction tented camps such as Kulalu, Shoroa, Doa Doa among many others.

 “I am very saddened to share to the following news with my friends, guests and business colleagues.”

“Tsavo Safari Camp no longer stands. Sadly, it has been entirely destroyed, washed away & flattened by the most violent Tsunami like, floods,” Tailor posted as he warned that the rains may have deep-lying consequences.

Pictures show the destruction that was caused at the time the Athi-Galana River flooded last month, wreaking havoc in camps and bringing business to a standstill.

Picture showing floods sweeping Kulalu tented camp. [Photo/Courtesy]
But the grimacing situation shows no sign of its end. This is if a warning by the Kenya Meteorological Department is anything to go by.

The KMD has today issued a statement warning residents of Lamu, Kilifi, Mombasa, Kwale and Tana-River counties of the impending rains, whose repercussions could be dire.

Statement partly reads:

“Heavy rainfall is expected to continue along the coastal strip from tonight to Thursday 10th May 2018. On Tuesday 8th May 2018 heavy rainfall of more than 50mm in 24 hours is expected off shore and in all counties along the Coastal strip.”

 “On Wednesday 9th May and Thursday 10th May, moderate rainfall of more than 30 mm in 24 hours is expected in the South Coast region.”

The KMD has therefore cautioned the residents to be on the watch for flash floods which may cause more damage to their property as well as loss of lives.

"People should avoid driving, wading or walking through any fast moving waters. The heavy rains and strong winds off shore may result in storm surge along the coast, hence fishermen and all in the Marine industry should be on high alert." Reads the KMD statement.

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