MCAs elect new deputy speaker after impeaching predecessor

Gaturi North member of county assembly Paul Muchangi
The Gaturi North member of the county assembly, Paul Muchangi, was picked to replace Steve Simba, who was impeached.

The MCAs elected Mr Muchangi as Mr Simba was in the process of obtaining a court order to stop his removal.

Simba arrived with orders from Embu Resident Judge Florence Muchemi blocking his impeachment when Muchangi had already taken over.

Muchangi, the only Narc-Kenya MCA, was elected unopposed in a session presided over by Speaker Josiah Thiriku.

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Members said they were drawn to his humility, dedication to work, and respect for others, but warned him that he would also be impeached if he became arrogant.

Muchangi promised to selflessly and diligently serve the members and consult them widely.

 Standing orders

Simba, who was sacked following a motion tabled by nominated MCA Edna Muisyo, said he planned to seek the nullification of Muchangi’s election, arguing that it was conducted in violation of the Constitution and standing orders.

Simba and Muchangi met on Sunday during Mr Thiriku’s thanksgiving at ACK Njarange church in Mbeere North, where each of them was given an opportunity to address the people.

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Simba said he would go to court to contest his impeachment as it was an affront to his rights and those of the people who elected him.

“It is not over. We have two deputy speakers in Embu. I’m the deputy speaker of the courts and I am confident of winning back the post. I have employees who will suffer from my removal. I urge MCAs to give a second thought before doing some things,” he said.

Simba said Embu was facing challenges because its leaders were unable to unite. 

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