Drama as two legislators fail to board local airline

Wajir Women Rep Fatuma Gedi. [Photo/Standard]
A local airline has waded into a storm after two legislators were denied boarding passes under unclear circumstances despite paying for tickets and going through the security procedures at Wilson Airport in Nairobi.

The Sunday Standard has obtained a video showing Wajir Women Representative Fatuma Gedi in a heated exchange with Fly Sax officials and the police at the airport’s airside. “This is not the first time I am flying with Sax,” said the lawmaker.

The Women Rep who was travelling to Wajir to attend the International Women’s Day celebrations together with Nominated Senator Falhada Iman, checked in at Wilson Airport and were directed to the VIP section.

“My husband dropped me at the airport at 6am because I am heavily pregnant and I don’t like being in a rush. The VIP section was closed but when they saw us they opened it,” Mrs Flahada said.

“Mheshimiwa Gedi came in at 6:30am and her bodyguards and personal assistant who were travelling with us proceeded to the Fly Sax lounge,” said the Senator.

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Ms Gedi’s bodyguards and assistant were handed boarding passes minus those of their bosses who were in the VIP section.

Fly Sax yesterday admitted that the incident happened but promised to issue a comprehensive response tomorrow. “That incident is being handled please call George Kivindyo on Monday if you want to know what really happened and what is being done,” an official from the airline’s information centre said.

Gedi was forced to charter a flight for Sh600, 000 to attend the event.

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