Raila blamed for Wetang'ula woes

Ousted Senate Minority Leader Moses Wetang’ula. [Photo: Courtesy]
Former Cabinet Minister Amukowa Anangwe has torn into ODM for ousting Ford-K boss Moses Wetang’ula as Senate  Minority leader.

On Tuesday Prof Anangwe termed Wetang’ula's removal as an act of bad faith.

“Senator Wetang'ula was elected as part of a pre-election NASA coalition deal. No doubt he delivered in both Bungoma and Trans-Nzoia where Raila beat Uhuru overwhelmingly during the August 8 elections and so, he met his part of the political bargain to deserve the position,” argued Prof Anangwe.

According to him, stripping Wetang’ula of the House Minority position in just under eight months after the last General Elections, portrays NASA leader Raila Odinga as a capricious, thankless and vindictive person.

“Notwithstanding what may have prompted the ODM Senators to take the adverse and despicable action, in the long run, it may hurt the credibility of Raila in Luhya land for dishonouring an electoral pact,” he said.

ODM senators made good its threat to dethrone Wetang’ula barely two weeks after Raila struck a deal with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Anangwe warned that the implications of humiliating Wetang’ula could have far reaching consequences on Raila and ODM as a party.

Earlier, four legislators from Western castigated Raila saying he was behind the Bungoma senator’s woes.

Lugari MP Ayub Savula, Enock Kibunguchi (Likuyani), Alfred Agoi (Sabatia) and Omboko Milemba (Emuhaya) wondered why Raila chose not to reprimand ODM legislators who were hell bent to remove Wetang’ula from the coveted position.

“Raila knew that only NASA coalition summit had the last say on the matter but opted to keep mum because he was definitely behind the theatrics,” said Savula.

He wondered why the opposition chief could not reach out to the colleagues instead of steering clear of the debate even when it was clear a plot had been hatched to have Wetang’ula ejected.

Kibunguchi termed the move maliciously and uncalled for. According to him, those behind it could be focused on breaking NASA and embarrassing Wetang’ula, Kalonzo Musyuoka and Moses Wetang’ula.

“I had reservations when President Uhuru accepted to meet Raila and now my fears can be confirmed, what happened to Wetang’ula could be the effects of the two leaders recent handshake,” argued Kibunguchi.

The lawmaker wondered why Raila would forsake Wetang’ula who according to him has remained faithful and loyal to the former Prime Minister since the 2013 General elections.

Milemba said Wetang’ula’s ejected must be an eye opener to leaders from Western who should start feathering their own political nest.

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