Couple arrested for allegedly killing son

The boy’s body was found in a thicket at Riverside, near Nyahururu Town with its eyes gouged out [Courtesy]
The police in Nyahururu have arrested a couple accused of killing their 11-year-old son at the weekend.

The boy’s body was found in a thicket at Riverside, near Nyahururu Town, yesterday.

It had its eyes gouged out and had been sprayed with acid.

The two were arrested after residents claimed they had confessed to killing their son.

Residents said when they noticed the boy was missing, they confronted the woman, who works a local salon, to explain her son’s whereabouts.

Jane Nyokabi, a resident, said the woman confessed they had killed their son.

“She first lied that the boy was at her mother’s house. We forced her to call her husband who arrived minutes later. Afraid of the charging crowd, the woman said they had actually killed their child,” Nyokabi said.

She added: “We had already seen the body in the bush and suspected it was her son’s because the boy had been missing. But the husband pretended to be shocked after the disclosure. We decided to take them to Nyahururu Police Station.” 

Nyandarua North OCPD Timon Odingo said they have already launched investigations into the boy’s death.

“We are following up on the case closely to get to the bottom of it. It would be baffling for a mother to kill her own child. We will find out the truth about the boy’s death,” he said.

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