Student stabs lover to death

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Police in Bungoma are investigating an incident where a man stabbed his girlfriend killing her while also attempting to commit suicide on Thursday evening.

Simon Wamalwa, a first year student at Sang’alo Institute of Science and Technology, stabbed his girlfriend, Mildred Wanyonyi after engaging in a quarrel.

According to witnesses, the two were living together in the same room in a hostel outside the campus since joining the institution early this year.

Sylvia Udoto, a student, said that the boyfriend had alleged that his lover had gotten another boyfriend who was pampering her with gifts.

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Ms Udoto said the two then engaged in a quarrel leading to a physical confrontation that led to the death of the female student.

“Wamalwa had claimed that his girlfriend had acquired a 'sponsor’ who was pampering her with gifts. The girlfriend denied and a quarrel ensued and he stabbed her several times,” she said.

Wanyonyi is later said to have turned the knife on himself in an attempt to commit suicide but was rushed by his colleagues to hospital.

Sylvester Odhiambo, a student, said they heard a commotion in one of the rooms followed by screams and rushed to the scene.

Odhiambo said on arriving at the scene, they found that Wanyonyi had stabbed his girlfriend and was lying in a pool of blood.

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He said they noticed that she heard several stab wounds on her body and was lying lifeless in the room while Wanyonyi was writhing in pain.

“We heard noises coming from one of the rental houses that hosts students and when we got there we saw that the girls had been stabbed severally and was lying unconscious,” he said.

Wamalwa is currently receiving treatment at the Bungoma County Referral Hospital while the body has been taken to the hospital’s mortuary.

Bungoma South OCPD, David Kirui, said investigations were ongoing and the suspect will be arraigned in court soon.

Kirui said the officers were informed of the 4pm incident and were called in to handle the situation.

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He said Mildred was found lying unconscious on the bed while the suspect was lying on the floor.

"We received a report on the incident in Sang'alo and police were called in and found the suspect lying on the floor in a pool of blood while Mildred was on the bed. They were both rushed to Bungoma County Referal Hospital where Mildred was pronounced dead on arrival," he said.

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