Mixed reactions over school's move to order student to buy 1000 loaves of bread as punishment

A copy of the suspension letter given to the form three student [Kamau Maichuhie, Standard]
Uproar has greeted the suspension of a student from Muhoho High School in Gatundu South after he allegedly stole a bread from the school’s dining hall.

The Form three student was sent home by the school’s deputy principal last Thursday, February 15 after committing the crime.

What has angered people however is requirement that the student buy 1000 loaves of bread as punishment for allegedly committing the crime.

In the suspension letter in possession of the Standard, the student was ordered to return with 1000 loaves, which according to the school is enough to feed the entire student population in the institution.

The student was also apart from buying the breads required to ensure he clears all his outstanding school before he is re-admitted back to the school.

“You are required to accompany him to the school soonest possible having cleared all the school levies and all the school fees and also come with bread enough for the student in the school which is 1000 loaves,” read part of the letter written to student’s parent and signed and stamped by the school’s deputy principal.

With a loaf of bread currently retailing at Sh 50, it means that the student’s parent will be required to cough Sh 50,000 to purchase the loaves required by the school management.

The move by the school has elicited sharp reactions from Kenyans in the social media with many people on Face Book and WhatsApp platforms terming the punishment as punitive and uncalled for.

“The punishment is too hard for the parent. The money needed to buy the breads dos not equal the wrong done,”Mercie Curie wrote on Face book.

Ciiko Shikus said even though she did not advocate for stealing, the punishment was harsh to the parent more so at a time like this when the country is experiencing economic meltdown.

“In this era, which parent will be able to raise Sh 500,000 for bread leave alone school fees).Is this deputy principal really human? ,”Shiku wondered.

Winnie Kathuri said the move by the school was only punishing the parent and not the student who is the one who had committed the crime.

However others are others like Stellie Mariah who supported the action by the school.

“If you do not teach your child manners, you face the consequences as a parent,” she posted.

Lynn Mwikali said she supported the school since the move would go along way in detering other students from doing the same.

When sought for comment over the issue, the School Principal Peter Mugo declined to comment.

"I have nothing to say," he said

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