Raila tears into western envoys for meddling in Kenya’s internal affairs

National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga has strongly condemned western envoys for meddling in Kenya’s political affairs while turning their back on police brutality.  

Raila was speaking at City Mortuary in Nairobi where NASA leaders had gathered to condole with the families of 16 deceased victims of alleged police brutality.

“Our friends can give us advice, give the advice in private. Do not come and shout at us and tell us we are going to violate the constitution. Which constitution my foot!” he sternly said.

This comes in the wake of reports that the United States is pilling pressure on the opposition leader to abandon his planned swearing in, saying it is unconstitutional.

On Tuesday December 5, US Acting Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Donald Yamamoto met Raila Odinga and pushed for dialogue with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“The United States also urges Opposition leaders to work within Kenya’s laws to pursue the reforms they seek and to avoid extra constitutional actions such as the proposed ‘inauguration ceremony’ on December 12,” the US embassy said in a statement.

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The opposition chief has however maintained a hard line, telling the western envoys ‘the will of the people cannot be stopped."

He criticised Western diplomats for not talking about police killings in the violent protests that have followed the August 8 and October 26 elections.

"We thought we had friends but we were wrong. Now we know they are enemies. Up to today, no single ambassador has condemned the killing of people by police," said Raila.

"Western countries should, therefore, keep off the affairs of the country as Kenyan problems will only be solved by Kenyans themselves,” the opposition chief added.

Raila also claimed 215 people have died in the post-poll clashes but the government has remained tight lipped about it. He said the affected families deserved apologies and compensation.

He urged his supporters to continue advocating electoral justice.  

"We don't recognise the swearing-in that took place because it was based on an election that we also don't recognize,” he said.

 NASA donated Sh50, 000 to each of the 16 families at the mortuary to facilitate 


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