Jubilee activist wants Luo Nyanza removed from the map of Kenya in draft Bill

National Assembly to where bill to amend the Constitution to exclude four counties from Kenya could be submitted. [File pic: Standard]
A Jubilee activist cum political consultant Washington Makodingo wants four Luo Nyanza Counties excluded from the Kenyan map.

In a draft bill yet to be summited to the electoral commission, Makodingo wants Kisumu, Migori, Homabay and Siaya to be removed from Kenya and allowed to form their own government.

The activist however says the Kuria community in Migori County should be given their own county and be allowed to remain in Kenya.

He further wants Maseno division of Kisumu County (North West ward of Kisumu West constituency), be moved from Luo lands to Vihiga via an amendment of First Schedule to reflect the new Counties.

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The activist seeks to reduce constituencies to 263 to cater for the ones removed.

“If the people of Luo Nyanza think that they cannot belong in Kenya, we give them opportunity to make that choice.” Makodingo told the Standard.

He explained that the draft bill was a brainchild of some like-minded individuals with most of them identifying with the Jubilee coalition.

“The conversations began within jubilee but we have support from across and by the time we submit the bill, we shall have a complete list of the drafters.” Makodingo said.

Voter submits Bill to Parliament to amend Constitution to exclude 4 counties from Kenya
While defending the draft, the activist said they had targeted the Luo counties since 25 constituencies from the region not only refused to vote during the October 26 repeat polls but also violently blocked the elections.

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“The Makodingos and Tujus will have a choice to either remain in Kenya or secede within 90 days,” he said.

The activist said that they will submit the draft to IEBC by Thursday for concurrence and if approved, will start collecting signatures to push for a referendum.

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