Opposition promises to establish framework to enhance national security

"We will build a nation where Kenyans are at peace with themselves and their neighbours," photo:courtesy

Opposition coalition NASA has promised to ensure security for all if it forms the next government.

In its manifesto, the coalition promises to establish a framework to enhance national security.

"We will build a nation where Kenyans are at peace with themselves and their neighbours," the document says in part.

"NASA believes our nationhood must be anchored on peace and security for all. We will work with Kenyans to make our country a haven of peace," reads the booklet.

The coalition, whose presidential candidate is ODM leader Raila Odinga, says it will also work with county governments to ensure safety.

"We shall develop a national plan to address regional security challenges. Through a consultative process, we shall address peace and security challenges that have bedeviled certain regions from colonial times, including northern region, parts of eastern, Coast and Rift Valley."

Insecurity in parts of Rift Valley have been giving the Jubilee government sleepless nights. Tens of people have been killed in West Pokot, Elgeyo Marakwet and Laikipia counties in unending clashes.

Despite recent deployment of security officers to the region, including the military to deal with illegal grazers who have been invading private ranches in Laikipia for instance, the situation has not changed.

And in its manifesto, NASA says it has regional plans for peace building among all communities. It says it will also develop investment interventions to spur economic growth, creation of employment to enhance livelihoods.

It will improve transport and communication and ensure no community is alienated. 

"These regional plans will be undertaken in consultation with our neighbours South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and Uganda," says part of the manifesto.

In the manifesto, NASA also promises to recognise and honour those who fought to bring freedom and justice to Kenya.

 "We shall establish a national heroes trust to address issues affecting our freedom fighters and to support those in need," says the document.