Former President Moi calls for peace in election campaign

Former President Daniel arap Moi cautioned politicians against ethnicised rhetoric (Photo: Kipsang Joseph, Standard)
Former President Daniel arap Moi has called on all Kenyans and political leaders to maintain peace during the campaigns and elections.

In a speech read by Baringo Senator Gideon Moi during the groundbreaking ceremony of the Kabarak Teaching Research and Referral Mission Hospital Wednesday, Moi asked political leaders to conduct their campaigns peacefully.

He cautioned politicians against ethnicised rhetoric, saying it could cause divisions among Kenyans.

"Politics should not be done on ethnic grounds. Every person has the right to vote for their chosen candidate despite their tribe," the former president added.

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He advised Kenyan youth to avoid being used by politicians, whom he said were only concerned about their political gain.

"The youth should know that we need each other even after the elections. You should not accept to be used by politicians who want us to fight and harm each other just because of our political differences." he said.

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