Five Kenyans arrested over alleged plan to join Al Shabaab

Isiolo county commissioner Mr George Natembeya. photo by Bruno Mutunga

At least five people have been arrested over claims they were on their way to Somalia to join Al Shabaab militants.

Those arrested yesterday by detectives from the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) are all aged below 20 and come from Tulluroba and Chechelesi estates.

It has been reported that many youths from these estates have been travelling to Somalia to join the militant group.

County Commissioner George Natembeya said the suspects were in two groups at the time of their arrest.

"Three of them were arrested along the Isiolo-Garba Tula road, near the Garissa border, on Tuesday, while two others were arrested in Bute, Wajir County. They were in transit to Somalia," said Mr Natembeya.

He said the youths arrested in Bute confessed they were heading to Somalia to be recruited into the terror group.

Three of the suspects were placed under surveillance and are now assisting the police with investigations to help catch those recruiting youths from the county into Al Shabaab.

"Security personnel have managed to contain youth radicalisation. However, recruiters are taking advantage of the holy month of Ramadhan but we will not allow them to have their way," said Natembeya.

He appealed to parents to monitor their children's activities to curb radicalisation.