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Governor Ruto officially joins NASA

By Standard Digital Reporter | Published Thu, April 20th 2017 at 16:55, Updated April 26th 2017 at 10:11 GMT +3
NASA Coalition principals at Bomas of Kenya.

Chama Cha Mashinani party leader Isaac Ruto has officially joined NASA.

In a meeting held today at the Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi, Governor Ruto said that as NASA co-principal, he is going to fight for devolution and equal distribution of resources.

These were ODM party leader Raila Odinga’s remarks during the welcoming of Isaac Ruto to NASA coalition:

Today, our journey towards an inclusive, liberal, honest, tolerant and vigorous nation that was cut short in 2013 through stolen elections gets a new boost and fresh momentum.

Since 2013, we have consistently expressed our commitment to building a nation that carries all communities and all shades of opinions on board.

We have consistently said we are committed to building a nation that stands in sync with the dreams of our founders; a nation that thrives on unity, peace and liberty.

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That journey saw CORD metamorphose into NASA and the coming on board Hon Musalia Mudavadi as a co-principal in the Opposition coalition.

Today, we welcome a fifth member H.E. Isaac Ruto the leader of the Chama cha Mashinani and governor of the great county of Bomet.

With H.E. Ruto on board, we have a new general particularly for our battle to protect and preserve devolution.

The big tent that we set out to build is becoming a reality and the unity of our nation is within sight. I am proud to welcome H.E. Isaac Ruto to the NASA Summit.

With his entry, we launch a new march towards August 8 elections on which day we shall liberate Kenyans from the yoke of Jubilee.

From this day, Kenyans will see NASA in its true and grand colours as the face of the Kenya nation. A rainbow leadership for a rainbow nation is emerging in the horizon.

We begin a new journey characterized by bold, candid, honest and truthful engagement with our citizens to resolve the problems afflicting our nation.

On this journey, we shall not lie to our people on the state of our nation. The NASA tent has no room for liars and cheats. NASA shall not lie that our debt burden is manageable.

NASA shall not lie that the cost of living is within reach for all our citizens when a two-kilogram packet of unga sells at Ksh170 and when a three-kilogram tin (goro goro) of maize sells at about Ksh200 in the villages.

NASA shall not lie that our country is united when we know we are more divided along tribal lines than ever before. Hatuko Pamoja and Kenyans know this. We will confront this reality of a nation too divided to stand for long.

We will not lie that we have done all we can to rein in corruption when our associates, family members and friends are fuelling it and reaping from it

What we in the NASA tent intend to do is to confront the problems of our nation candidly, honestly, boldly and truthfully.

A series of activities will follow today’s event.

We will soon unveil the team that will carry NASA flag to the presidential elections as my co-principals will shortly announce.

Soon, we will launch our manifesto, which will be our contract with the people of Kenya.

We promise that it will be a contract worth the signature of every Kenyan. Then we will hit the road to August 8th elections.

When we do hit the road, it will be a campaign like no other. We shall take no county or village for granted. We will go to each of the 47 counties.

While on that road, on to Election Day and beyond, we shall remain faithful to the seven pillar policy platform we have agreed on and articulated in our coalition agreement:

National reconciliation and healing;

Resolving historical injustices;

Realizing equality of women, youth, persons with disabilities, and the disadvantaged communities and groups as mandated by the Constitution (Article 27);

Strengthening devolution;

Transforming government into a servant of the people;

Realizing social and economic rights as enshrined in Article 43 of the Constitution;

Eradicating poverty and unemployment and dealing decisively with corruption.

It remains our position that the elections will have to be free, fair, transparent and credible ad that the will of the people will be the sole determinant of who gets to govern  Kenya.

God bless our country.