Use Obama visit to help resolve Burundi crisis, Potus told

The international community has asked US President Barack Obama to suggest ways of resolving the political crisis in Burundi. This is amid the violence that engulfed the controversial Burundi Presidential election that President Pierre Nkurunziza is expected to win.

Addressing the media during the launch of a report on Excessive Force in Policing Demonstration in Burundi, Amnesty International Deputy Regional Director Sarah Jackson said President Obama should use his visit to Kenya to address the situation in Burundi.

“This is a chance for Obama to give a final and lasting solution framework to political instability in Burundi. Without his word, more innocent people will continue suffering,” she said. Jackson acknowledged that US does not support violence and upholds the constitutional provisions that protect human rights and “That is why the US acts swiftly and protectively in violent stricken countries like Somalia”.

Earlier, the US government criticised the disputed presidential polls saying they lacked credibility and would discredit the government.

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