Shaban tells off dissatisfied MPs on Uhuru appointments

Nairobi, Kenya: National Assembly Deputy Leader of Majority Naomi Shaban has told off sitting members of parliament who are criticising the appointment of former ministers and ex-MPs to head state corporations.

Ms Shaban says the argument that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration is recycled old and tired political rejects is selfish, reminding her colleagues that come the next elections some of them may lose their seats but may want to serve the country in different capacities. 

“I don’t understand this hullabaloo. These are Kenyans who have every right to serve their country. Some of the current MPs will be voted out in the next election and we will see if they can accept any appointment,” she said.

Ms Shaban, who is also the Taveta MP, said that it doesn’t mean when one loses an election, they have the lost the brain and thus can’t work adding that Uhuru had opted to pick experience.

In any case, Ms Shaban added that the famous saying ‘old is gold’ or Kiswahili saying ‘Palipo na wazee hapaharibiki jambo’, means that the executive also taps into the wisdom and experience of the elderly.

“Propaganda that its old and recycled persons cannot help us. It’s the prerogative of the President and executive to decide who serves where. Some of these people picked are former ministers who are very experienced and qualified to offer their skills,” she said.

More women

Speaking at parliament buildings, Ms Shaban however said she was disappointed that although many women had been picked to the parastatal boards, not a single one had been appointed as chair.

“Next time, the president should have more women chair parastatals.  It’s important that if there is another list coming, there are more women than men so that we don’t lose the gains we have made under the new dispensation.”

At the same time, Ms Shaban has hit out at former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka who criticised the nomination of Eugene Wamalwa to cabinet. The Taveta legislator said Kalonzo should concentrate on affairs insider his Wiper party and Cord coalition.

Pilipili asiyoila inamuhusu nini? You can’t be in Wiper and Cord and tell everybody off in other parties. How comes I didn’t hear the same comment on Nkaissery?” she quipped.

2017 strategy

Although many perceive the appointments as strategic as the President eyes his re-election in 2017, Ms Shaban, a close ally of the President from the Kanu times, thinks otherwise. 

“The President is supposed to appoint Kenyans from all walks of life. He can’t pick a foreigner and these are Kenyans who have every right.  That’s what am seeing, and not the politics of 2017. I am not reading politics but picking of best brains who have been out,” she added.

Among the regions that benefited include opposition strongholds of Kisii, Ukambani and Luhyialand that heavily voted for Cord leader Raila Odinga, as the President moved to reward former MPs who include Henry Obwocha, Musikari Kombo, Soita Shitanda, Omingo Magara, Robert Monda, Kalembe Ndile, Wavinya Ndeti, Walter Nyambati among others.