Brave nine-year-old girl uses stone to beat off 'sex attacker' and run for help

Mexico: A nine-year-old girl beat a sex attacker off with a stone before running for help.

Amilcar Espinoza Lopez allegedly visited his neighbour's house to lure the youngster outside by telling her he worked for her dad.

The 18-year-old from the city of Cuajimalpa in south-western Mexico said her father asked him to take her to his shop.

Leading her away from safety he allegedly grabbed her around the neck and forced her into an abandoned building where he tried to rape her.

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As he forced himself upon her the terrified child grabbed a stone and belted him over the head before managing to escape and run to her father’s hardware store still clutching the stone.

The horrified dad told local media: "My little girl burst in sobbing and hysterical. I tried to calm her down and asked her what had happened.

"When she told me I was sickened. I know this boy and he is a loner and a freak.

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"It took all my will-power to not go and find him and beat him to death. I immediately called the police though."

Officers found Lopez nursing his wounds in the house where he had tried to rape the girl.

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A police spokesman said: "At first he denied it and said he was in the derelict house looking for scrap to sell when he fell over and banged his head.

"But a comparison of the blood DNA on the stone the girl had and his showed an exact match."

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