Some policing needed for rogue cops in Meru county

Some police officers in Meru are reported to have committed acts of upumbavu by handcuffing a driver whose truck was reportedly overloaded with sand and ordering him to drive to the station.

But their act of folly not only jeopardised their lives – they jumped to ride in the truck with the incapacitated driver in charge – they also jeopardised the lives of other Kenyans.

And soon enough, the driver failed to keep the truck in control and knocked down a pedestrian, killing her on the spot.

I know the law is an ass and nailing the two rogue cops will be difficult, even though they were clearly violating their own code of conduct that prohibits police officers riding in private vehicles. In any case, the two should be held as accessories to the killing of the innocent pedestrian. Perhaps that’s a line that could be pursued by the Government agencies that provide oversight to police, if they are not too consumed by internal strife over who should investigate the matter and who should report to whom.

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That’s the tragedy of our time that allows good people to suffer needlessly, and the guilty to walk scot free, as they always do when police investigate their own.

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