Constant wrangles 'slowing down' Kisumu

Residents of Kisumu County are not enjoying the benefits of devolution five years after its inception.

This is due to persistent wrangles among leaders that continue to be witnessed in the daily running of the county affairs.

Now locals maintain there must be a ceasefire among leaders so that they can carry out their mandate.

Led by Audi Ogada, the residents note that the tussle had led to waste of time and resources.

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“What is happening is unfortunate and the governor must crack the whip to ensure the feuding stops.

“Otherwise, the Constitution empowers the public to send the county assembly home in the third year. This is the third year since devolution began and they should be warned to reconcile and work for us or be sent home,” Ogada said.

At the dawn of devolution almost two years ago, Kisumu was bogged down by misunderstandings between MPs and Governor Jack Ranguma; nominated Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) and their elected counterparts and Speaker Anne Adul.

Area MPs have accused Ranguma of failing to consult them on development issues.

Selfish ambition

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But the legislators have been accused of targeting the governor after their firms and those of their allies were left out of lucrative contracts.

The adverse effect of the wrangling was witnessed last year when youths stormed county premises and stopped Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o, MPs and the governor from forming the county development board.

On October 16, last year, Ms Adul was impeached by MCAs but moved to court to challenge the move.

She was reinstated on Monday but some members have vowed not to work with her.

“I never started any war in the assembly. After I was impeached, I went to court not to settle scores, but to abide by the rule of law. The victory is not mine. It protects fidelity to the law. I call upon MCAs to come so that we reconcile for us to serve the electorate,” Ms Adul said.

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