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Professor Ali Mazrui
Nairobi Kenya: Professor Ali Mazrui is dead at 81. He was a respected scholar who documented history in both films and writings. His checkered career saw him study in the Manchester University and Columbia University before he started teaching at Makerere University where he had been denied admission for ‘not meeting the entry mark.

The best appointment he ever got locally was to be the Chancellor of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Professor Mazrui did not fear controversy and intellectual debates. He rendered his arguments on film, on papers and public lectures with well researched presentations in which he allowed his critics enough room to rebut his arguments.

Professor  Mazrui leaves behind an intellectual legacy many will be proud of and at least dozens of literature we can imbibe in.

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RIP Mazrui.

Professor Ali Mazrui intellectual legacy RIP Mazrui