Over 600,000 jobs created in informal sector

A Jua Kali artisan at work. The informal sector created over 700,000 jobs


NAIROBI, KENYA: There were more than 742,000 jobs created last year, majority by the informal sector.

Increase in number of jobs created in 2013 was attributed to growth in labour intensive sectors.

According to the Economic Survey 2014 released Tuesday, the total number of persons enrolled in both formal and informal sectors increased from 12.8 million in 2012 to 13.5 million in 2013, translating to 742,800 new jobs.

The formal sector recorded 116,000 new jobs, 26,300 jobs of which were by the Government.

This means more than 600,000 jobs were created by the informal sector.

Despite being essential in employment creation, the informal sector has largely operated with little support from the Government, which has to a large extent failed to offer a conducive environment including the operationalisation of essential legislation as well as putting in place infrastructure.

The document detailing the performance of Kenya’s economy last year notes that employment in Government was fuelled by the implementation of devolution, which has resulted in county governments hiring in large numbers.

“The expansion of jobs in the public sector was mainly attributed to the recruitment in the devolved structures and employment of more teachers,” adds the report.