Presbyterian Church of East Africa denies devil worship claims

Presbyterian Church of East Africa denies devil worship claims
Presbyterian Church of East Africa moderator Rev David Gathanju (right) at a press conference Thursday in Nairobi.  With him is Rev George Wanjau. [Photo: Jenipher Wachie/Standard]
By James Mwangi and John Muthoni

Kenya: The Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) has refuted claims by the former moderator David Githii, who claimed that the church condones acts of homosexuality and devil worship.

The church’s current leadership says there is no truth in the claims by Mr Githii, adding that the allegations are not founded on any biblical or theological teachings.

Addressing the media, PCEA moderator David Gathanju said the church does not entertain any form of sin and that the leadership takes action against any individual deemed to be going against Christian living. 

“We believe in a sovereign God who is triune; that is, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We denounce all forms of sin, which include but are not limited to homosexuality and devil worship,” said Rev Gathanju.

He noted that while in office, Githii informally raised issues that were deemed to be his personal opinions but could not become Church policy because the issues had to be deliberated over by the necessary courts of the Church, justifications raised and relevant resolutions made for them to pass as policies. 

Gathanju said his predecessor was never bold enough to let his views be formally discussed by others in the Church.

He added that there has never been any formal discussion generated by Githii in any committee or court of the Church on allegations of devil worship in the Church and the purported homosexuality.

“Dr Githii, informally, had personal problems with some names within some Church circles and in society.  This was again his personal opinion and lacked biblical or theological basis,” said Gathanju.

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