National Security Advisory Committee Statement on plans to destabilize government

The National Security Advisory Committee (NSAC) has asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to urgently summon the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) officials  with IMMEDIATE EFFECT to  give more information over its plans to topple the Government using activists.

NSAC is in possession of credible intelligence documents and information detailing how the US donor agency has consistently funded the demonstrations by activists ,including  demos clandestinely planned, funded and led by  two identified initially as Boniface M and John G. (completion of investigations will reveal their full identities) on February 13, 2014 . A defrocked pastor has also been funded to pour vitriol on parliament concurrently.

NSAC noted that the planned youth revolution of 2012 sponsored by US foreign agency but cuttle by Kenyans is fresh in kenyans' mind.

The consistent plans to destabilize the current Government will not be tolerated at any costs, especially where activists are sustainably bribed to tarnish the country's and Leaders' reputation regionally and internationally.

Nsac is of the view that It is in the national  interest that USAID urgently warns and debriefs would be demos and responds to these reports, in tandem with international protocols that regulate tolerance or expulsion of Agencies that undermine sovereignity of a legitimate and democratic Govt. and interfere with internal matters of countries.
NSAC wants a strong kenya's   displeasure communicated to the metropoles' leaders regarding impunity, notoriety, & high handed of distraught diplomats who have no respect on incubent  leadership following the recent general elections.

Francis T Kimemia, EGH
Chairman NSAC/ Secretary to the Cabinet
12th Feb 2014