Mr and Mrs Wainaina: love at first sight

Nature conspired to ensure Mr and Mrs Wainaina enjoyed every minute of the day.

Bride: Rahab Wairimu

Groom: Peter Wainaina

Date: July 6, 2013

Venue: Parklands Baptist Church, Westlands

Reception: Loreto Convent Msongari

Guests: 700

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Eve Bridal: How did you meet?

Peter: We first met in a church where I used to fellowship. Though we never talked or had any relationship, we could exchange glances in church. I left the church after three years and after sometime, I learnt she had also left. We met again after seven years in Kitengela and as they say, the rest is history.

Eve Bridal: What attracted you to each other?

Rahab: His good looks — he is so handsome you cannot miss to notice him. He is also principled, sober and focused.

Peter: It’s like she read my mind. I wanted to use the same words to describe her. She is such a beauty and has all a man desires in a woman. Above all, she is God fearing.

Eve Bridal: How did he propose?

Rahab: He took me to a hotel, I could tell something was cooking. He was confident though and when he popped the question it was obvious, and I said yes.

Eve Bridal: Did you have traditional ceremonies?

Rahab: Yes, we had four of them.

Eve Bridal: Where did you get your gown and maids’ outfits?

Rahab: For the maids, I went to Bidali House in Ngara where I was assured of getting what I wanted and for the gown, I got it from Malaika Brides at Yaya centre in Nairobi.

Eve Bridal: What was the most challenging part of planning the wedding?

Rahab: Finding the right service providers that would not disappoint us.

Eve Bridal: What part did you love most about the planning process and the wedding day?

Rahab: People stayed late during our planning meetings, and that was touching.

Peter: On the wedding day, everything was excellent. I realised my dream had come true when I saw her walk down the isle.

Eve bridal: How did your wedding day go?

Rahab: It was colourful more than we expected. Despite the season being cold, it was sunny all day long.

Eve Bridal: What tips would you share with others concerning marriage and planning for a wedding?

Rahab: Proper planning is key to the success of any wedding. This should also start early enough.

Eve Bridal: Where did you go for the honeymoon?

Rahab: We went to Diani in South Coast.

Eve Bridal: What would you say is the most overrated thing in today’s weddings?

Rahab: I honestly think some people go too far to show off. Some weddings look like car bazaars while others spend a lot in décor.

Eve Bridal: What lessons did you learn from your counselor?      

Rahab: Marriage is a journey.                                                                       

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