Crocodile disrupts leisure at Jomo Kenyatta Public beach in Mombasa

By Phillip Mwakio

MOMBASA, KENYA: A two meter long Nile crocodile disrupted leisure activities at the scenic and popular Jomo Kenyatta Public beach in Mombasa early on Friday.

According to the Mombasa Marine Park, Assistant Warden in charge of security, Mr Mwinyi Mwandungo the reptile was spotted in ocean water by a lone swimmer who was coming out of water after a swimming expedition.

'' This is one of the rare occurrences here as crocodiles are not known to inhabit salty waters. We however suspect that it might have been washed into the ocean waters after swimming in rain water through a seasonal stream that empties its waters near the public beach ,'' Mwandungo said.

He sought to reassure public beach goers that the beach was safe as it was under 24 hour surveillance by the KWS marine team and local beach scouts.

KWS marine rangers and local divers managed to trap the agile creature using a fishing net.

After subduing it, they placed in inside a large sack and took it to the Mtwapa Snake and Crocodile farm, which serves as a sanctuary for reptiles.

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An eyewitness told Standard that the incident is not the first to occur.

'' We have spotted other crocodiles before and this is not the first occurrence. There have even been other animal species that have either been washed into the ocean waters and cannot swim against the heavy tides thus ending up being washed ashore,'' Kondi Mwampea, a beach operator said.

It was busy as usual later in the afternoon for hundreds of beach goers as they flocked the beach to partake in swimming expedition following an assurance by KWS.

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