Gang burns houses over witchcraft allegations

By Michael Chepkwony

Fifteen family members of Talai clan in Nandi County are camping at a church after attackers who accused them of being witches torched their houses.

The clan members of freedom fighter Koitalel arap Samoei’s lineage were forcefully evicted from Kabirer village in Tinderet District last week on Tuesday night.

Seven houses were set ablaze by unidentified attackers prompting the family members to flee from their home, narrowly escaping death. Former Kapsisiywa concillor who is also a Talai member, David Sulo, condemned the incident and called for Government intervention.

He said that the victims were evicted by neighbours who accused them of being behind misfortunes in the area attributed to witchcraft.

Mr Sulo, however, said the evicted family has been residing there for over five decades and were in their rightful position.

He lamented that it was a misconception to see the Talais as witches.

“It is unfortunate that at this time and age we have our clan members being segregated for unconfirmed reasons,” said Sulo.

ignored threats

The former councillor declined to disclose the location of the church where the members were hiding for security reasons.

Unknown people had threatened the victims through leaflets two months before the incident, he said.

“The victims said they had been threatened before but they ignored the threats since they were coexisting well with many neighbours,” he said.

Kabirer chief Sammy Keter said three suspects had been arrested over the issue.