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KENYA: The French Government has added its voice on European Union countries warning of stern consequences in electing leaders with pending cases at the International Criminal Court.

French ambassador to Kenya, Etienne De Poncins said his government stands by the decision made by European Union countries but his country will be rooting for free, fair and peaceful General Elections.

De Poncins said the French government has no preferred presidential candidate but consequences will be there on the relations with Kenya on the final choice of leaders if they are questionable.

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 “France will stick to the EU stand to respect the ICC, and the member countries in relation to ICC suspects,” said De Poncins.

Jubille alliance presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto are facing crime against humanity charges at the court based at The Hague.

The French Ambassador said that they are impartial and will not decide for Kenyans who to vote for come March 4.

He said that his government will not interfere in any away as Kenyans elect their leaders but was closely monitoring the situation on the ground.

The ambassador urged Kenyans to cooperate with the ICC as it was the best solution to get justice for whatever happened during the 2007-2008 post election violence.

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De Poncins spoke during opening of the new Milimani Branch of Alliance Francaise de Kisumu which is a boost to those interested in studying French and also inculcating the French culture in Kisumu.

The French government’s stand comes as the third foreign voice after United Kingdom and The United States of America said it won’t be business as usual if Kenyans have a president who is facing crime against humanity charges.

Johny Carson who is a former US ambassador to Kenya said on the upcoming elections that good choices must be made.

He said that Kenyans must know that individuals have reputation and images built through their history and must be careful against making choices that might impact negatively on the economy of the nation and the region.

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