Uhuru rescinds decision to back Mudavadi

By Geoffrey Mosoku

The crisis in Jubilee Alliance deepened after Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta said he was coerced to sign agreement to back Musalia Mudavadi as coalition flag bearer.

Uhuru rescinded his support for Mudavadi as Jubilee presidential candidate and said the decision on who will carry the alliance mantle rests with delegates.

He confirmed authoring the document and signed it but claimed that he was coerced by ‘the devil’.

He said on Tuesday that powerful forces convinced him that his presidential bid was bad for the nation as Kenya would face international sanctions if he wins the elections and that Kenyans were not ready for another president from Mt Kenya.

He confirmed that MPs forced him to rescind his decision and said only delegates will sign.

“If Mudavadi is nominated, I will support him and I will not seek any elective post. I will work with him on any capacity,” he said.

Earlier, Mudavadi held a press conference and said that Uhuru had signed an agreement to withdraw his candidature and back him as presidential candidate for Jubilee Alliance.