Wild dogs attack, kill over 70 sheep


Farmers in Kiambu District are counting losses caused by marauding wild dogs that killed about 70 sheep over the past three weeks.

Locals have expressed fears the wild dogs may also start attacking human beings.

The affected villages are Riabai, Ting’ang’a, Gicoco and Ngaita and the residents want the Livestock Department to arrest the situation.

Josphat Ndura of Ngaita village lost six sheep after they were attacked on Monday night.

relevant authorities

“I heard a commotion outside and on checking I found over ten dogs feasting on my sheep,” Ndura said.

He said despite reporting the matter to the local chief who promised to inform the relevant authorities for intervention, nothing has been done so far. He said the dogs are hiding in the coffee plantations.

A few metres away from his home, a granny is also counting losses after the dogs killed her five sheep.

Raymond Wanyugi, another resident said in one incident, the dogs had tried to attack a child inside a house at Gicoco village and there are concerns that the animals may be rabid. They are worried farmers are losing their sources of income, saying in every homestead, the dogs are attacking and killing all the sheep.

They want the dogs killed as fast as possible or they will take the law into their hands and kill them before everything goes out of hand.

Area acting DC Alexander Mativo said the issue has not been reported to his office.