Reach out to those who oppose your win, Uhuru urges Nigeria's Tinubu

Kenya's fourth president Uhuru Kenyatta delivers a Presidential Inauguration Lecture held at the International Conference Centre in Abuja, Nigeria. [Twitter: @4thPresidentKE]

In what seemed like an advice from an experienced colleague, Uhuru urged Tinubu to reach out, mostly, to people opposing his win in the just-concluded presidential election.

"I encourage you to surround yourself with the voices of those who will counterbalance the hardliners that feel entitled to a piece of your office. You will lose nothing and gain everything from reaching out across political, ethnic, and religious lines to those who may feel aggrieved by your victory in one way or another. Allow them to exhale and to be a part of your vision for a greater Nigeria."

He further urged him to embrace the inclusivity of all parties for a better Country.

Nigeria went to elections on February 2023 and recorded historical voter apathy. Only less than 30 percent of registered voters cast their ballots.

Tinubu was declared winner of the hotly contested race as his competitors alleged manipulation of election results.