UN peacekeepers in Congo make 'strategic withdrawal' from key Military base

It did not provide further details.

The loss of the major military base is a setback for Congo and a further blow to the security outlook in the conflict-hit east. The crisis has also deepened a standoff with neighboring Rwanda over its alleged support for the rebels, which it denies.

"Its fall is another humiliation for Kinshasa. But it also raises serious questions, once again, of how an extremely small rebellion can do this on their own," said Jason Stearns, founder of the Congo Studies Group, a research institute at New York University.

In August, U.N. experts said they had found solid evidence Rwanda had been interfering militarily in eastern Congo.

Rwanda's government has disputed the findings.

Goma, the capital of Congo's North-Kivu province, has been effectively cut off from the upper half of the province since the capture of Kiwanja. More than 90,000 people have fled their homes since fighting resumed on October 20, according to the U.N.

The escalation prompted East African heads of state to hold a joint call Tuesday and schedule a meeting of their defense chiefs to address the security crisis, the office of Burundi's president said in a statement.

The withdrawal comes as Kenya finalizes on a plan to deploy its KDF troops in the troubled region.

A statement from DoD indicated that the troops would today be officially handed an East Africa Community Regional Force (EACRF) flag at their Embakasi Garrison, Nairobi.

Deployment of Kenyan troops to the DRC follows a decision endorsed and adopted by regional leaders at the third EAC Heads of State Conclave on Peace and Security in Eastern DRC held in Nairobi in June 2022.

The Conclave agreed to have an East Africa Community Regional Force (EACRF) to quell a flare up of violence in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

This force, which will work in tandem with the military and administrative forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo will be under the command of Kenya.