South African man charged with murder after 6 bodies found

Women's rights group members protest outside the Johannesburg Magistrates court in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa, Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2022. [AP Photo]

A 21-year-old male has appeared in a South African court in connection with the discovery of six bodies at a car repair workshop in Johannesburg.

The victims are believed to have been sex workers and the suspect is so far facing one charge of murder.

He was arrested on Sunday in connection with the disappearance of one woman but then five other bodies were discovered during his arrest.

The suspect is expected to be in an identity line-up before he appears again in court on October 18, according to officials.

The case has sparked an outcry from women's rights groups who are calling for police and officials to do more to fight gender violence.

The groups protested outside the Johannesburg Magistrates Court on Tuesday, calling for the suspect to be denied bail.

The media has been barred from publishing images of the suspect until the identity line-up has been conducted.