Tigray: Plane ferrying weapons shot down, says Abiy Ahmed's adviser

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's security adviser Redwan Hussain. [File, Ethiopian Reporter]

A plane reportedly loaded with weapons that was about to cross the Ethiopian airspace into the Tigray region has been shot down.

According to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's security adviser Redwan Hussain, the unidentified plane, that was headed to Tigray through the northern part of Humera, violated Ethiopian airspace and was shot down by the air force.

Major General Tesfaye Ayalew, the head of defence force deployment in the Defense Union Operation Department of the National Defense Force, told government media that there are forces riding on the terrorist group to violate Ethiopia's sovereignty.

Major Ayalew said the National Defense Army and Ethiopians are, however, on high alert to defend their country.

Further, the Major General announced that if the terrorist group does not come to a peaceful solution, they will give up their dream of destroying the country.

It is said that the terrorist group HWAT, which has been making extensive military preparations for the past several months, has been preparing its forces for battle for the past two weeks.

The TPLF, on the other hand, announced in a statement today that the Defense Army, and the Special Forces of the Amhara region, opened fire on the southern front of Tigray.

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