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Five richest football clubs in Kenya


Updated Friday, September 6th 2013 at 00:00 GMT +3
Money and the football clubs: Kenya’s richest five


In April this year, Forbes magazine listed Spanish giants Real Madrid as the richest club in the world. According to the magazine, the club was then worth an estimated Sh284 bilion.

In coming tops this year, Madrid eclipsed English champions Manchester United who enjoyed the status of the world’s richest club for nine years in a row.

United came second with a net worth of Sh272 billion. In the Kenyan Premier League (KPL), no independent study has ever been conducted to establish the financial health of local clubs and thus it is difficult to know exactly the richest team in Kenya.

However, after an extensive research and interviews with some club officials we unveil the top five richest clubs.

1. Gor Mahia (estimated worth Sh65 million)

Gor Mahia collects the highest amount of money in gate  Collections at an average of Sh2 million per home game, which translates to Sh30 million in a season.

The club also receives another Sh29.5 million from shirt sponsors Tuzo and own a piece of land donated by the government to develop a stadium in Embakasi that is worth Sh4 million.

 However, the status of the land remains unknown as a former politician is believed to have settled some squatters on it. Last season, Gor earned Sh2.5 million from the sale of replica jerseys.

The team has the potential of earning more than Sh10 million in sale of replica jerseys but this is not structured and has been left to unscrupulous businessmen who make a kill while the club gets nothing.

2. AFC Leopards (estimated worth Sh52 million)

In terms of revenue generated, AFC Leopards are next to arch-rivals Gor Mahia. The team has a Sh20 million per year sponsorship with Mumias Sugar Company.

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