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Atheists in Kenya want Prophet Owuor to verify his miracles

By Standard Digital Reporter Updated Tuesday, June 10th 2014 at 00:00 GMT +3
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Nairobi, Kenya: The president of Atheists in Kenya Harrison Mumia has written to Dr. Prophet Owuor challenging him to show up at Kenyatta Hospital on  July 19 for purposes of verifying his miracles.

In a letter sent to news rooms, the atheists question the authenticity of Prophet Owuor’s miracles and they claim that there is no sufficient evidence to demonstrate that they happen. Mr. Mumia says that the joint healing session with Dr. Owuor is to actually prove that the miracles happen and this would go along way in removing doubts in atheists that God exists.

Dr. David Owuor is known for his huge crusades and miracles. He came into Kenya’s spiritual landscape with a message of repentance and that God was angry because of our sins.

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