Ukraine negotiator suspected of being a Russian spy shot dead

Ukrainian negotiator Denis Kireev was killed for spying for Russia. [Courtesy]

An alleged Russian spy has been shot dead by Ukrainian forces.

Denis Kireev, who until his death was a peace negotiator between Russia and Ukraine, was shot dead ahead of the latest round of talks to end the war between Moscow and Kyiv.

According to media reports, Ukraine's Ministry of Defence Oleksii Reznikov, claimed that Kireev, 45, was killed on suspicion of being a Russian spy.

Kireev, who is said to be a former banker, was shot dead during an operation to 'defend the nation', according to Reznikov.

A section of Ukrainian legislators claimed that Kireev was shot and killed by the country’s security service after for resisting arrest.

On February 28 Kireev was pictured sitting on the Ukrainian side of the negotiating table during last week's peace talks with Russia, in Belarus.

It was reported that Kireev was not on the official delegation list despite attending the meeting.

His role at the summit was not unclear even though he was the only one pictured on the Ukrainian side wearing a suit, marching in style and taste to the Russian negotiators on the other side of the table.

But both Moscow and Kyiv made claims about Kireev’s alleged spying activities with the two warring neighbours blaming him for working for the other side, according to Russian newspaper Pravda.

A statement by Ukraine's Ministry of Defence claims that Kireev was killed alongside two other spies who were employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.