Bumula MP Wamboka in a drive to tackle menstrual poverty and teenage pregnancy

Bumula Member of Parliament (MP) Jack Wamboka (Centre).[Omelo Juliet,Standard]

In a dedicated effort to address menstrual poverty and its ripple effects on teenage pregnancy rates, Bumula Member of Parliament (MP) Jack Wamboka has reiterated his commitment to supporting the girl child.

 Speaking during a distribution event for menstrual caps, MP Wamboka emphasized the critical need to empower young girls in his constituency and beyond.

The initiative, which took place at St. Paul Lunao RC Primary School, underscores Wamboka's unwavering dedication to combatting the root causes of teenage pregnancy and menstrual poverty in the region.

Bumula Member of Parliament (MP) Jack Wamboka (Centre).[Omelo Juliet,Standard]

According to Wamboka, the distribution of menstrual caps serves as a proactive measure to alleviate the challenges faced by young girls during their menstrual cycles.

Citing alarming statistics, Wamboka highlighted the pervasive issue of teenage pregnancy and sexual violence in Bumula Constituency.

 Data from the county revealed a staggering 9,089 cases of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) recorded among girls aged between 10-17 years between 2016 and July 2023.

This figure underscores the urgent need for comprehensive interventions to safeguard the well-being of adolescent girls.

Wamboka also referenced findings from the Kenya Demographic Health Systems (KDHS) 2022, which indicated that 62 percent of women in Bungoma have experienced physical and sexual violence.

Additionally, Bungoma has accounted for 19 percent of teenage pregnancy cases nationwide, further emphasizing the pressing nature of the issue.

Acknowledging the multifaceted challenges faced by girls in rural areas, Wamboka emphasized that menstrual poverty not only impacts girls' physical health but also contributes to poor academic performance in schools.

Through his Wanami Wamboka foundation, the MP has embarked on a comprehensive distribution campaign, targeting primary schools across the constituency.

In collaboration with health officials and community stakeholders, Wamboka aims to provide comprehensive education and support services to beneficiaries.

 Beyond the distribution of menstrual caps, the initiative encompasses counseling sessions for boys, fostering a holistic approach to addressing gender-based challenges.

The distribution event not only serves as a testament to MP Wamboka's unwavering advocacy for the girl child but also signals a broader commitment to fostering gender equality and empowerment within the community.