We're working to ease cost of living, says Mudavadi

Prime Cabinet Secretary and Cabinet Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Musalia Mudavadi and Vihiga county Governor Dr Wilber Ottichilo during the Maragoli cultural festival event held at Mbale Municipal Ground on December 26, 2023. [Benjamin Sakwa, Standard]

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has urged politicians to stop early campaigns and redirect their energies to reviving the economy.

Speaking yesterday during the 44th Maragoli Cultural Festival at the Mbale Municipal Grounds, Vihiga, Mudavadi asked the Luhya community to support the Kenya Kwanza government.

"It’s barely a year after the last General Election. Let's stop indulging in early campaigns. Give the Kenya Kwanza government time to execute and deliver on its mandate," he said.

He acknowledged the high cost of living has seen many Kenyans suffer. "I know people are suffering and as an economist I understand that many are suffering and as a government we will work to change this."

He highlighted the national government's efforts to reduce the cost of electricity. "We have seen recent power blackouts and we are planning to use green energy to ensure they don't happen and we reduce the cost of power by building industries in the region," said Mudavadi.

Other politicians who spoke earlier asked Western residents to unite behind  Mudavadi.

Hamisi MP Charles Gimose urged Mudavadi to stay put in Kenya Kwanza Alliance government as he angles for the presidency after President Ruto term ends. 

"As the Prime Cabinet Secretary continues to work with President William Ruto he should be ready to take over the presidency in 2032. We won't let anyone stop Mudavadi in this quest," he said.

The leaders asked him to help the Luhya community in securing employment and other opportunities in the government.

Mudavadi was also urged to start uniting the entire Luhya subtribes so that they will in majority support the Kenya Kwanza government in 2027.

Omboko Milemba, the Emuhaya MP, said the community will in 2032 rally behind Mudavadi and his ambitions.