Family seek justice after death of Form 4 student

John Ochieng', a Form Four student at Ingotse Secondary School who was killed by unknown night gang in Kakamega County [Benard Lusigi, Standard]

A family in Shitungu village in Lurambi is seeking justice following the death of their kin on November 20.

John Ouma, a Form Four student at Ingotse Boys High School, was attacked by unknown assailants while returning home from a late-night church service.

Ouma was in the company of two friends who were injured in the attack. Victor Omwanda said they were riding on a motorbike on their way back home when they ran into the assailants.

“They were standing in groups in strategic positions. At first, we thought they were from a nearby funeral but after passing the first and second group, we were ordered to stop by the third group. They were wielding machetes,” he said.

He said the first two groups then attacked them, destroyed their motorbike and hit Ouma with stones on the head and chest.

Omwanda and his friend escaped leaving Ouma lying unconscious at the scene of the attack.

“Our attackers fled thinking Ouma had died. He was rushed to Kakamega General Referral Hospital but succumbed to his injuries,” said Omwanda

The family believes the attackers could have been on a revenge mission after locals lynched two suspected cattle thieves a few weeks earlier.

Some locals said the three teenagers were victims of mistaken identity.

“Their attackers might have thought they had a sinister motive,” said a resident.

Agnes Mukolwe said her grandson informed her that he was going for a church service. “I allowed him to go oblivious of what was awaiting him. My grandson was at home for the half-term break. He is disciplined and a churchgoer. I don’t understand why someone would want to kill him,” she said.

Mukolwe said she had been living with her grandson for the last 16 years following the death of his parents.

“I believe it was a case of mistaken identity. The attackers might have come to avenge the deaths of two of their own from Idakho in Shinyalu constituency,” she said.

Brought to book

The 78-year-old has urged the police to intervene and ensure the culprits are brought to book.

“We demand justice. Let the police conduct a thorough investigation and have the culprits arrested and prosecuted,” she said.

The family reported the matter at the Kakamega Central Police Station on Sunday.

Officer Commanding Police Division David Kabena told The Standard that they are investigating the matter.

“We are currently piecing together evidence that will help us arrest the killers,” said Mr Kabena.

Kabena downplayed claims that the attackers could have been on a revenge mission. “Those are just allegations that we are also investigating.”