Why Mombasa fishermen are now sheathing their phones in condoms

The author of the proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention" was not wrong when he meant that the primary driving force for most new inventions is a need.

Innovative fishermen in Mombasa County have now found and implemented a new and regular use of condoms that has nothing to do with sex.

Many people know the use of condoms but countable are aware of the other allegedly lifesaving qualities in their use.

Over the years, the rubber sleeves have been known for protection during sex and provide reliable protection from infections and pregnancy.

In Mombasa however, condoms take a more important role when it comes to saving lives.

According to the creative fishermen, they insert their phones into a condom which being waterproof enable them to stay dry.

“Sisi tunapoenda baharini tunapatana na mambo mengi. Sisi hubeba simu na condom kwa sababau chochote chaweza tokea ama simu ikaingia kwa maji. Condom hutusaidia kwasababu simu inapoanaguka huwa maji hayaingii,” one of the fishermen says.

The downside to this innovation is the stigma against the open patches of condoms. To many, the name condom is feared and those who buy them do so secretly.

The condoms might also burst but fisherman say there are minimal cases of such.

The new use doesn’t sit well with their wives but according to them, communication is key to enable them earn a living.

Two weeks ago bad weather caused death of four fishermen due to drowning after heavy current capsized their boat.

Two people survived and told a harrowing tale of calling for help using mobile phones.