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Fresh dilemma for NASA and supporters as repeat election edges closer
By Samuel Mwangoo | Updated Sep 07, 2017 at 07:38 EAT
Kenyans line up to vote

The Supreme Court of Kenya for the first time in Africa, nullified presidential elections and ordered for a repeat after a period of 60 days

Most NASA supporters will be wondering whether to trust the IEBC in conducting a transparent election, days after the August 8th election was nullified

The scheduled date for the repeat presidential election and the irregularities associated with past elections conducted by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) leaves Kenyans in a dilemma over what exactly to expect, especially supporters of the National Super Alliance (NASA).

With the repeat polls expected on October 17, the question on everyone's mind is, will they be clean and transparent?

The demand by NASA leader Raila Odinga to change the entire IEBC team is unrealistic. It will also be tricky to implement his idea to have the United Nations oversee the elections. The Constitution states that only the IEBC has the mandate to conduct elections in Kenya.

Moreover, a sovereign country like Kenya does not require the intervention of the UN to handle a general election. This would undermine our sovereignty and political independence as a nation. Jubilee Party leaders have rejected the NASA demand to have top IEBC officials prosecuted and a new commission set up.

This is a clear indication that more political confrontations are expected in future. On the other hand, recent utterances by President Uhuru Kenyatta threatening action against Supreme Court judges if he is re-elected were unnecessary.

No one is above the law.

Every arm of the Kenyan governance system has a right to execute its power according to the Constitution. The current situation in the country demands sobriety in speech, action and mindset of all concerned, not waves of emotion.

For stability in any nation, all arms of governance must be respected; the fear of God should always prevail. The question in the mind of Kenyans is whether the ongoing political duels between Uhuru and Raila will leave the country stable. This country has great expectations from the two.

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There are several issues at hand and they all need to be looked into. It is the wish of Kenyans that the two leaders handle the repeat poll with dignity. We are all expected to show more commitment to nation building, not keep engaging in politics.

The Kenyan mwananchi has a lot at stake.

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