We are not on Mr Msando's murder case, police clarify

The three people that had been arrested in Uganda with earlier reports saying they were connected to the murder of former IEBC manager Chris Msando were nabbed over a different murder case, police have conformed.

Ugandan flying squad officers on Friday impounded a car that was believed to have been used by the suspects but the police spokesman in Uganda has denied that the suspects were linked to the murder of Mr Msando.

The spokesman, Mr Asan Kasingye backtracked earlier reports clarifying that the arrests were in connection the murder of a Kenyan but not Mr Msando.

“They are arrested in connection to the murder of Machari and are not in any way connected with Msando's killing,” said Mr Kasingye as quoted by dallies.

Inquests into the Kenyan number plate they used showed that it belonged to Mercedes Benz owned by a Kenyan politician yet they were using it on the black Toyota Fortuna they drove.

The suspects arrested are said to have passed Malaba with a car they stole from a man they murdered having a Kenyan registration plate but later replaced it with a Ugandan but were intercepted at Pabbo area in Northern Uganda.

The suspects were a Kenyan and two Ugandan nationals who were said to have been headed to South Sudan when they were caught in Northern Uganda on Friday.