DEFIANT: Moses Kuria - I owe no one explanations

  • Kenyans up in arms - demand for Gatundu South MP to be investigated over Facebook post.
  • Moses Kuria has been linked with utterances that have seen him get in trouble in the past.

Following the death of IEBC ICT manager Chris Msando, Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has stated that he owes no one an explanation over his Facebook post.

 Kuria, who has been at the centre of countable controversies, slammed social media users, telling them that they are not the police and that he would not provide information about how he was tipped off on Msando’s vehicle.

 The whole fiasco started after Kuria posted a picture of himself pointing at Msando’s car parked at Roysambu Estate.

 "I owe nobody any explanations. The media and social media are not part of the police and I refuse to be dragged into this political circus. It will be an exercise in futility... what will happen after explaining myself to you?" Kuria said.

 According to the post which the MP pulled down moments after he posted it, he claimed that the IEBC ICT manager was ‘enjoying’ himself with a woman – right before his death was announced.

 Kuria has in the past been linked with utterances that have seen him charged – encouraging his critics to bash him on social media after his post.

 Kenyans have demanded Kuria to be investigated and that he explains how he got to Msando’s vehicle before anyone else.