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Mike Sonko: My alleged withdrawal from the Nairobi gubernatorial race
By Mike sonko via paul baraza | Updated Apr 21, 2017 at 13:57 EAT

I would like to express my profound regret that my political opponents have resolved to using propaganda and malice on my gubernatorial candidature. I wish to address the above subject matter as follows:

That Senator Mike Sonko has never and shall never withdraw from the Nairobi Gubernatorial race and that I wish to assure my supporters across the 17 constituencies that they should come out in their large numbers to exercise democratic right and cast their votes as the Jubilee Party nominee on Monday, April 21, 2017, at their respective polling centers.That rumors and propaganda being spread through electronic, print as well as various Social Media platform that I have withdrawn from the race in support of another candidate are only meant to confuse my supporters and should be ignored.That H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta has endorsed any candidate for the Nairobi seat is propaganda and mere speculations by busy bodies who for a long time relied on invoking Uhuru’s name for political survival. Not at any time had Uhuru endorsed any candidate and those spreading such rumuors should keep off the President's name and to let the Great people of Nairobi to decide. That I had been offered Cabinet slot to withdraw my candidature in support of another candidate is propaganda meant to portray me as disrespectful to the Head of State whom I respect so much and who is my personal friend. Those are again rumors and propaganda meant to divert the attention of the voters ahead of the Jubilee nominations. That my campaign is going tremendously well and that I have received overwhelming support across the 17 constituencies, across religious and ethnic divide. I would therefore not withdraw in favor of a candidate who is a "failure" and who would not reclaim Nairobi City County from the opposition. That in view of the above, I wish to once again assure my supporters that I am contesting the Jubilee Party nominations based on competence, trust and ability to reclaim Nairobi from the opposition. I am going into this nomination because I believe the people of Nairobi have confidence in my candidature.That I cannot be intimidated by tribal leaders pretending to control Nairobi politics, my leadership has no ethnic boundaries, I undertake to serve all irrespective of their tribe, religion or political affiliation.That my supporters cannot be intimidated, they know what I have done and what I will do for them as their Governor, nobody will change that. I want to assure every Jubilee Party supporters that we will win conveniently, overwhelmingly in the Jubilee nominations. Finally, I wish to appeal to my political opponents and their supporters to embark on a campaign of issues and peace ahead of the Monday nominations.

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