Wagusi has denied claims that the government is out to spy on Kenyans

Wagusi  has denied claims that the government is out to spy on Kenyans
Mr. Francis W. Wangusi

The Government of Kenya has come up with a system whereby they are going to monitor all mobile phone devices.This is done to ensure that the consumers are not sold counterfeit mobile devices.Speaking this Friday afternoon the Director-General of the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) Mr. Francis W. Wangusi said that this move is to ensure that the mobile phones that get into the country are inspected to ensure that the consumers of the products in Kenya does not gate fake mobile phonesAccording to him, this will also help the police to track lost mobile phones in the interest of the owner.He further said that by monitoring all mobile phones in Kenya will reduce cases of hate speech that are likely to jeopardize the security of the country.Earlier on there were claims that the government under the communication Authority of Kenya was spying on Kenyans something that Mr. Wangusi dismissed.He said that he has engaged all the stake holders to face out the illegal communication devices.The communication Authority of Kenya boss said that that they have set a verification system that will help people buying phones not to buy phones that are not authorised.He said the system will deny services to unproved devices, substandard phones, and stolen phones.It will manage the entry of illegal devices into the county.Meanwhile, he has urged Kenyan not to demonize the move because it is going to be of great help to them as they use these mobile phones.

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