I am in love with my pastor

I had move in to this new block in a nearby street called kitolete . I hardly knew anybody from that place it and took me long to mingle with other people. It was barely one week when I was introduced to this church where the female pastor who was very eloquent in her speech and really touched the souls of many with her words which came from heaven. I looked at her and the love misery started from there I was attracted to her and my mouth stood a gasp. I got confused and saw only a wife in her. I started having billion of ideas on how to lure her into being my Lover, Finally the sermon was over. I took to my heels with eager to know the pastor more. I went to her office and there she was, her sexy eyes that could make me sleep in her tender breasts. I was really amazed with her beauty that I could not speak. I became a foul and was only driven with the urge to have her as my lover. I was greatly affected and almost had heart fail because of the rapid impulse rate. She spoke to me all over sudden with her sweat voice that made me have wonderful butterflies’ rolls in my stomach and asked, “What is your name young man?” I quickly answered with pride in me, my name is Dickson. She continued to ask me questions which really alliterated my sexual nerves as a man.

 After every question that was asked, I brought an issue up that made all things go in my favor. I enquired from the pastor on how she could help him me with the issue of masturbation. The pastor answered the question and gave me an appointment in her office on Wednesday the same week. I  took that chance to differ with her and said that I was not available during the day time , she later on give me an option to visit me on the same Wednesday during the night hours for prayers . I hurriedly accepted the offer with eager not blow away the chance to lure the pastor into loving me. 

Finally, the day that I was awaiting for was finally  here .Everything was in plan as expected , the pastor arrived at my home place at 7:30 PM .I received her warmly with a mug of coffee and later on the pastor helped me to pray on the issue . When the pastor finished praying, I begged her to stay for supper. The pastor was delighted and stayed; I took that chance to act sexy around her. I asked her if she had a husband, to which she replied ‘no’. I later on went close to her and knelt before her and told her that I loved her. She was surprised and she hugged me. She started to undress and told me that I have woken up her emotion. She started kissing me and before noticing anything I fell with her .I later opened my eyes and to my shock there was no one in bed I realized it was only a dream of love and also I a had already wetted my bed further, I forgot to pick up the pastor .